All you can need to Know to travel to Asia

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      Where to Travel in Asia?

      From megametropolises to remote islands, Asia is continually growing in popularity as a hot-spot destination for travellers from around the world.  
      From Bangkok to Bhutan and everywhere in between, here are some of the best places to travel in Asia right now in no particular order.

      Is It Safe to Travel Alone to Asia?

      Luckily solo traveling in Asia in general is usually easy. It’s a great place to get started on the solo travel journey due to the cheapness of traveling there, the ease with which one can get around, and the friendly locals and fellow solo travelers. 

      When Is the Best Time to Travel to Asia

      The best time to visit Asia isn’t easily summed up – it’s a huge continent of different regions each with their own weather patterns and microclimates. Still, pick any month on the calendar and there will be somewhere in all of Asia that’s hot, sunny and worthy of a postcard.  
      A region like Southeast Asia has some fairly large climatic variations as you move around. May to September is the period when you will probably experience the most rain on an extended trip across Southeast Asia.

      What Documents do I Need to Travel To Asia?

      Each territory has its own entry requirements, but in general you will need a passport valid for at least 6 months. Most nationalities can visit Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand without a visa; for other nations, you’ll need a visa.